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Adam Savage’s Tested is a content platform and community playground for makers and curious minds. On, the highly- engaged Tested FItop channel, and at conventions and events, dynamic makers share ideas and inspire each other to build their obsessions. Led by Adam Savage, the Tested team explores the intersection of science, popular culture, and emerging technology, showing how we are all makers. Adam also takes viewers behind the scenes of films, TV shows, theater, and museums, shining a spotlight on the craftspeople and artists who make the magic we all enjoy.

Tested is also: Norman Chan, Joey Fameli, Gunther Kirsch, Ryan Kiser, Kishore Hari, Sean Charlesworth, Jeremy Williams, Kayte Sabicer, Bill Doran, Ariel Waldman, Darrell Maloney and Kristen Lomasney.



  1. Ladonna Brady

    Ladonna Brady

    4 tuntia sitten

    Adam Savage what is the name of your watches on your wrist right now

  2. britsniper32


    4 tuntia sitten

    this glove is a waste people have made stronger and better ways lighter smaller and easir to make too also unbreakable and heres this chunky and heavy and complicated and expensive whats the point man

  3. David “SaturnCanuck”

    David “SaturnCanuck”

    4 tuntia sitten

    That was awesome but on the right is Ressikan flute from Inner Light!!!!!

  4. Ameliemichelle


    5 tuntia sitten

    Blech I had forgotten about that! Thanks for reminding me!

  5. Faded Shadow

    Faded Shadow

    5 tuntia sitten

    How it feels like to customize your gun in Call Of Duty.

  6. TheAquabears


    5 tuntia sitten

    That was neat. I really dig all this behind the scenes stuff you do. I just wish you would have dropped a couple screengrabs in, so we could see the pieces in situ.

  7. Saigon6


    5 tuntia sitten

    WOW amazing

  8. Seamus O'Byrne

    Seamus O'Byrne

    5 tuntia sitten

    You guys should rehearse... or even discuss before going live. Brush up on your english too... Clueless comes to mind..

  9. Mr Mouse88

    Mr Mouse88

    6 tuntia sitten

    Dude adams shoes are like $7k ...

  10. Michael Foskett

    Michael Foskett

    6 tuntia sitten

    The command module does dock with the LM, you just have to use the one from the splashdown piece and remove the parachutes. On the real Saturn V, the CM is covered during launch by the white BPC (boost protective cover) which is what appears on top of the LEGO model.

  11. Nathan Grange

    Nathan Grange

    6 tuntia sitten

    If we like the tassets, are we supposed to give Adam our tasset approval?

  12. Shafaz Mustafa

    Shafaz Mustafa

    6 tuntia sitten

    Small ass poker table

  13. Simon Keen

    Simon Keen

    6 tuntia sitten

    6:04 was that book one of Stephen Biesty's incredible cross-sections? I still have those books from my childhood!

  14. Colspex


    6 tuntia sitten

    I can't believe Adam didn't simulate the "swipe idol scene" with the hats.

  15. James Austin

    James Austin

    6 tuntia sitten

    I.E. : People are idiots



    6 tuntia sitten

    I hear alot of complaints in accuracy drop of Quest 2 controller compared to the Quest 1. What is the validity behind these complaints? thanks

  17. rjc0234


    7 tuntia sitten

    This is the 3rd time i have seen Adam SAVAGE go on about last names, and never bring up his own one!

  18. Ian Valentine

    Ian Valentine

    7 tuntia sitten

    I hope we can have another chat after he has read "Project Hail Mary"....

  19. 1777DK


    7 tuntia sitten

    Grosgrain with silent S and a french accent.

  20. odesseus


    7 tuntia sitten

    Wow, $150-250K for the hat! That's a lot for a used fedora! ;) Also, if Adam put it on, it's be worth MORE!

  21. Nick DeStefano

    Nick DeStefano

    7 tuntia sitten

    Love how he couldn't care less about harry potters wand right next over lol

  22. Northwoods 3D

    Northwoods 3D

    8 tuntia sitten

    ears are way too big.. and possibly the eyes are a bit too large as well... "menacing" has smaller eyes.. lol

  23. The Commentary

    The Commentary

    8 tuntia sitten

    Lost all respect for you adam savage. You're a leftist coward. And so is anyone else still supporting the star war leftist franchise. People like you are exactly why 20 million people lost their lives in WW2.

  24. Peter Badger

    Peter Badger

    8 tuntia sitten

    I may be 8 years late to this video, but holy crap that Wall-E is the coolest thing ever!

  25. A-A Ron

    A-A Ron

    8 tuntia sitten

    So if you were to add heatsink fins near the axel on each side you could probably push it a little more 😛

  26. Lyndon Dy Seno

    Lyndon Dy Seno

    8 tuntia sitten

    Please paint the stand black! It looks great 😃

  27. crissfrantic


    8 tuntia sitten

    Nose hairs and talking. AMAZING end product! Everyone loves watching Adam working/talking/thinking his way through a project, but more than 20 seconds of him drumming on stuff whilst he's thinking is TOO MUCH! Also, Adam YOUR HAIR LOOKS GREAT, STOP APOLOGISING FOR IT NOT SITTING RIGHT! *Einstein had terrible hair but he still did OK!*

  28. Юрий Никитин

    Юрий Никитин

    8 tuntia sitten

    Ауууф, Русскоязычные есть?😂

  29. iowa_don


    8 tuntia sitten

    Current bid (6/20/2021 10AM) on the hat is $110,000 (only the second bid)!! Estimated to go for $150,000 to $250,000.

  30. akza07


    8 tuntia sitten

    I hope the cooler holds up well. The lack of GPU options kinda sucks but I can understand the problems with that. Overall it's nice. But again, exclusive to US & Canada and maybe EU in future.

  31. adbrooks95


    9 tuntia sitten

    In 20 years or less we WILL have a ready player one style world. Hopefully oll be retired. Then ill have free time to live in said world lmao

  32. VVM2021


    9 tuntia sitten

    me: bored on a sunday afternoon also me: watches video about a *DUCK BOMB*

  33. Nic holas

    Nic holas

    9 tuntia sitten

    1:15 was that hammer expert named Thor by any chance?

  34. Dawson Childers

    Dawson Childers

    9 tuntia sitten

    Why did you soften the “chaps” before it had been work hardened? Was it because it would help get the specific shape you needed, whereas the shoulder insignia did not? Unless I missed something or you happened to double punch (I’ve been a professional camera op for over a decade and it still happens to me too:) you did not heat up the shoulder insignia until after you had worked it for a while. Just curious about the different order of operations.

  35. Richard Bazuki

    Richard Bazuki

    9 tuntia sitten

    That blue engine looks identical to Saltine from somewhere wales

  36. Demon Hunter

    Demon Hunter

    9 tuntia sitten

    I like you

  37. Tom Mangelschots

    Tom Mangelschots

    9 tuntia sitten

    You can find these Detolf LED lighting kits on Etsy. No measuring and soldering needed ;-)

  38. Michael Hesch

    Michael Hesch

    10 tuntia sitten

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that PICCARD'S FLUTE is in the background??

  39. CimbaMuzics


    10 tuntia sitten

    I'm terribly uneducated on electronics but i have this feeling of unease that just connecting all the battery chargers to each other is problematic :c

  40. Trevor Peters

    Trevor Peters

    10 tuntia sitten

    Oregon ash makes beautiful tuff water resistant handles..

  41. Mr Nobody

    Mr Nobody

    10 tuntia sitten

    Good video!! Very attractive from start to finish. However, the wisest thing that should be on every smart individuals list is to invest in different streams of income that are not dependent on the government to generate money

    • Inigo Baggins

      Inigo Baggins

      10 tuntia sitten

      This is the kind of information we don't get from FItoprs I'll get in touch with him right now

    • Sago Digggle

      Sago Digggle

      10 tuntia sitten


    • Evgenija Bevcar

      Evgenija Bevcar

      10 tuntia sitten

      + 1 (5 6 1) 2 8 8 0 8 2 7

    • Evgenija Bevcar

      Evgenija Bevcar

      10 tuntia sitten

      @Sago Digggle What'sap 👇💯

    • Sago Digggle

      Sago Digggle

      10 tuntia sitten

      I wanna Invest too, how do I get to James Howells ?

  42. rauwiscool


    10 tuntia sitten

    when in doubt always use the bigest hammer

  43. Brandon Witt

    Brandon Witt

    10 tuntia sitten

    "This is a crescent wrench." No that there is an adjustable hammer.



    10 tuntia sitten

    Adam, the glue you used for the crossbow was a simple paste made of all-purpose flour and water I believe.

  45. DontKneel2Men


    11 tuntia sitten

    I bought that same led tape off Amazon and just pictures frames the whole inside of my display cabinet starting from top going down one side across bottom and up the opposite side and out the top which I hard wired to my original hockey puck light and it connected via 2 prong cable into a smart outlet that I can turn on and off from my phone. But my cabinet is made off wood to match my living room furniture so I could get away with that method of led tape. Great work!



    11 tuntia sitten

    This is what Santa Clause does for the other 364 days of the year ;)

  47. Marvia V

    Marvia V

    11 tuntia sitten

    The slower the grinding the better consistency and nutrients from juicing

  48. pl3a5enophotoz


    11 tuntia sitten

    11:21 Adam shows us again, he is truly a wizard

  49. Gary Stinnett

    Gary Stinnett

    12 tuntia sitten

    One of the perks of being Adam Savage? All your tools say "SAVAGE"!

  50. Qwarzz


    12 tuntia sitten

    Wait... would this make it less stupid to lean in front of a screen to try and peek around the corner?

  51. Audio Upgrades

    Audio Upgrades

    12 tuntia sitten

    Any time Jamie Hyneman started giggling, you knew it was good.

  52. Lie Kiok Ling

    Lie Kiok Ling

    12 tuntia sitten

    讨人欢喜的可爱鬼 💗💗💗👍😁

  53. dagwin127


    12 tuntia sitten

    Do a video with mark rober

  54. Grim Creeper

    Grim Creeper

    12 tuntia sitten

    @adamsavage, do you plan on building a replica of the chest Keanu Reeves dug up from the floor of his basement in "John Wick"?

  55. Justin Fitz

    Justin Fitz

    13 tuntia sitten

    You touched it with your bare hands!!!! I don't blame you.

  56. XeroNXS


    13 tuntia sitten

    That hat is estimated to go for $150,000 to $250,000 according to the catalog. 😮

  57. shadowheart43


    13 tuntia sitten

    how do you keep the camera from flickering when dimming the led?

  58. Ankit Mukand

    Ankit Mukand

    13 tuntia sitten

    I give one time comment that is that anyone who obeys 10 commandments a non destructible body and a planet made by Jesus Christ is given when he comes so wait for his coming otherwise UN NEW WORLD ORDER 2021 TO 2030 IS THERE IN GOOGLE IMAGE..

  59. Tom Archer

    Tom Archer

    13 tuntia sitten

    I got a bit distracted by Maggie peeping in the background.

  60. 31313


    13 tuntia sitten

    Don't forget the hammer Peter Brown gave you! The one made out of your book 😉

  61. Janne Rantanen

    Janne Rantanen

    13 tuntia sitten

    That's HILARIOUS! That must've been an absurd feeling for Grant

  62. SL4D


    14 tuntia sitten


  63. David Cornette

    David Cornette

    15 tuntia sitten

    Is that Picard’s flute? Talk about burying the lead!

  64. Pamela Braman

    Pamela Braman

    15 tuntia sitten

    Hi Adam Just an FYI, the "s" is silent in grosgrain

  65. GleekNoMatterWhat


    16 tuntia sitten

    Hi was that the original actual 1989 Michael keaton’s film?

  66. Special k

    Special k

    16 tuntia sitten

    My dad used to bring me home astronaut food from work when I was a kid. It was so fun to eat the peaches out of the tube.

  67. gecko 1968

    gecko 1968

    16 tuntia sitten

    After buying the Black Series Boba Fett helmet I'm now committed to finishing the entire mannequin. As screen accurate as I can get of course. I'd love to give him a rifle and it would look dumb without one but I live in Australia. If I built something like that the cops would be on my doorstep with 10 paddy wagons...

  68. Acorn cz

    Acorn cz

    16 tuntia sitten

    He should go and make prostetics

  69. Kristian Ask

    Kristian Ask

    17 tuntia sitten

    Laughing with you at least five times per video. I love how you're like a kid in the candy store. Makes me want to build more stuff.

  70. Dimitris Georgakas

    Dimitris Georgakas

    17 tuntia sitten

    I don't remember exactly what they were doing, something with a boat? Maybe it was the one with the ping pong balls, but it went something like "One in a million shot, first try!" That has stuck with me since then, strive for the impossible even it feels far fetched, you have to start somewhere. 999,999 times later you'll make it!

  71. Gavin Slee

    Gavin Slee

    17 tuntia sitten

    I came for Adam, I ventured to the comments for 'Peen' Jokes.

  72. Vanity


    17 tuntia sitten

    This looks not real

  73. Grohiik Kun

    Grohiik Kun

    17 tuntia sitten

    I know this is two years old, I’ve seen it soooo many times, and it’s inspired me to build my own case (at least the inside). I’m making a very specific uniform/cosplay and it has an M1A1 Thompson (no not Cpt. Miller) and I wanted to redo the inside of a violin case to fit the gun inside

  74. Слава Шихов

    Слава Шихов

    17 tuntia sitten

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  75. André Berger

    André Berger

    17 tuntia sitten

    I wish Adam had spent some time on the other pieces, almost every page of the catalog had me wanting the thing for sale. I particularly liked "Harry Potters" wand and glasses, the Star Wars lightsabers or the blue R2 droid. I see the Hellboy Samaritan is there as well, and I know Adam loves that prop.

  76. BranMan333


    17 tuntia sitten

    What real application could he have with a 90 min battery life. Plenty really but, that severally limits spot. Maybe they could do a few things about that. In a factory setting he could somehow recharge or automatically swap out batteries. Or maybe they could somehow equipped him with some way of generating extra power during operation to prolong battery life. Maybe solar, maybe some form of generator that’s run by his every movement like how an alternator in a automobile works. Maybe both.

  77. Rene Jensen

    Rene Jensen

    18 tuntia sitten

    any predictions on the final price on the hat, 10.000-15.000$

  78. meep


    18 tuntia sitten

    Why is this site still called Tested? Adam's all but completely scrapped the site's original content and the people who made it great. Norm gets a look in once or twice a year unless you tune into the sideshow podcast. Real shame Adam took something loved by many and ruined it for his own gain.

  79. Michael Jacob SERBEN

    Michael Jacob SERBEN

    18 tuntia sitten